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I understand that entrusting someone you don't know to handle one of the most sensitive ceremonies you'll ever have to organise is something of a gamble. So if you're considering using my services, let me reassure you that you are 

in very safe hands by showing you some of the feedback I've received from families I've worked with.

We wanted to thank you for the beautiful address you composed for X’s service. We are full of admiration for the sentiment you expressed having spent time listening to us talk about X. You are truly gifted in your profession. 

Thank you for your kindness and support on the day.

Just to say thank you so very much for mum's beautiful service yesterday. From the moment we met with you last week, we felt in safe hands and it was lovely that we were all able to play such a big part in the service. Even though you 

didn't know mum, it felt like you did, and your words were delivered with kindness and compassion, and the way 

you spoke to her directly at the end was truly beautiful. Thank you again Ruth, we will always be grateful to you

 for helping us to say goodbye to our lovely mum in such a fitting way.

I just want to say a BIG thank you from us all for the lovely way you conducted the service for X today. We had so many comments from people saying how lovely it was and some even said it was the best funeral they had been to and that they felt as though they got to know X a bit more through the readings.

We as a family just wanted to thank you so much for the way you conducted X’s service today. 

You made it feel very personal to X and his life. Although the number 

of attendees was small I do feel that he had a proper send-off

Just to forward my thanks to you for how our very emotional day was eased by the professional 

and personal presentation throughout the service by yourself. Your words and links through 

the service order were made with such sincerity leaving us with the feeling you had known 

my sister personally. With much appreciation.

I would like to thank you for your help and support in conducting and helping me to organise X’s funeral.

 You handled your part in a very professional manner which was greatly appreciated by all.

I just wanted to send my sincere gratitude to how you made X’s service so beautiful.

 Very powerful and X through and through, you did him proud.

We would like to say a very big thank you for taking part in our goodbye service to our wonderful precious X. 

Despite our sorrow and pain, you helped to make it a lovely, meaningful goodbye to a lovely man. 

The care and consideration you put into everything was over and above what we expected and 

will stay with us alongside our beautiful memories of X.

Just to say thank you for the way you transformed the words we gave you into a wonderful service.

 It was lovely! If you can say that!!

Yesterday was one of the hardest days as a family we have ever had to face, we said our goodbyes to the main man 

and light in all of our days. As we faced the prospects of saying goodbye we didn’t know where to turn or even start, 

but with grace, dignity and diplomacy we faced the day with the support, guidance and light of a beautiful soul.

Our dads service was beautiful, respectful, meaningful and extremely personal. Thank you for the time you 

spent with us as a family to capture our dads life, but most of all for all you do within your role. You bring light 

and love to many families at a time of utter sadness. Thank you will never be enough from each and everyone 

of us, you are a truly amazing lady! With the utter most love and respect, we thank you.

The day dawned sunny yesterday. It felt like an omen that things were going to be perfect and they were. 

Supported by the impeccable Co-op funeral services, you led an outstanding funeral for X. It was 

outstanding for various reasons - different in so many ways to the Church funerals I am used to, 

focussed totally on X, led by you in a really special way. I was bowled over by the time you took to 

get to know the man that X  was. You were right, there was much more to share than time allowed!

The service was outstanding because of the way you led it, Ruth. I felt that we had got to know each other a little 

as we chatted in preparation. I felt relaxed and safe in your hands. You took a great deal of time to get the detail 

spot on, to get the balance of the service just right. Your delivery was very calm, not rushed, and felt intimate. 

We smiled at times, even laughed a little, which was good. We felt you were talking to us, not at us. We felt 

you were really sharing the experience with us. Anne said she felt you have a calling for this role and I agree.

I am so pleased you were there yesterday, Ruth. I can move on knowing that we did the best we could for 

X, as he would have wanted it. THANK YOU Ruth for all you did and all you are.

Just the Celebrant that was right for X - bet he would have approved! To have the gift of sounding

 that they met and knew the person is a real calling, isn't it? Couldn't have been 

better - loved her and we did thank her after the service'

Ruth was outstanding. Her voice is calm and soothing, her delivery clear and sensitive. She made us smile 

at times, which was good. She made every effort to get inside the man that Alan was. Those present said

 it was if she really knew him. No better compliment. Recommend Ruth to others with confidence. 

Her attention to detail was so impressive. It was obvious she has a calling to this role.

I we just wanted to say a huge thank you for everything you did for the family today and most of all for grandad. The service was beautiful and everyone said how you captured the essence of X wonderfully…..Thank you once again,

I would like to thank you for today’s service. It was so nice to hear someone talk about my mum like that. 

My family and myself really appreciated it.

Just a quick note to pass on our thanks for your support and delivery of the service for Dad’s funeral on Thursday. Although a sad time, you ensured the occasion was positive and upbeat, something Dad would have loved

Just a message to say thanks, Ruth. The service was perfect and I could not have asked for a better celebrant. Thank you so much.

I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful service you did for my Dad on Monday. It was a fabulous day and a great turnout. Dad would have loved it. Again, on behalf of myself and my family, many thanks.

I wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for the way you conducted X's funeral. 

Lots of people have commented on how beautiful the funeral was and how superb 

you were. You were so kind in the run up to the service and so kind and 

professional on the day. Thank you once again

We wanted to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the wonderful service you gave us yesterday. 

On what was the hardest day of our lives, you helped create a sincere, heartfelt 

tribute to X, our wife and mom. Thank you so much.

I just wanted to reach out and say thank you so much for the beautiful way in which you delivered X’s final farewell. 

Not being there in person, I found it hard to watch but your warmth and sincerity shone through the entire service. 

I felt the service was perfect and I have no doubt you have made things easier for so many families during this

 last horrific year. I had no choice but to sit at home miles away but took huge comfort in your obvious 

compassion. You really looked after them and I just wanted you to know that.

Just wanted to thank you for all you did to help give mum the funeral and tribute she deserved yesterday.

 Despite all the restrictions I think we did her proud and many people who came or watched 

said it was a very memorable occasion. Thank you from all of us.

Sending a heartfelt “thank you” for the way you conducted X’s funeral for X and our family. 

You conducted it with compassion and professional dignity.

We would like to thank you so much for mom's service today. You encapsulated the 

essence of her life perfectly. What you do is an art form.

Just sending to you a big thanks for officiating at our mother`s funeral at Sandwell Valley , last Wednesday. 

I felt that the whole service was very uplifting, calm and impeccably arranged by you to run 

so smoothly with favourable comments from family and friends alike! Your reading 

of Mom`s eulogy was very impressive...thank you so much!!

I never got the opportunity to personally thank you for my father’s funeral service today. I thought the 

service was perfect, it gave my dad the best send off possible in these strange times.

Everyone who attended or watched online has said the service was lovely and the 

story of his life was lovely too with it painting a beautiful picture of his 

wonderful life. Thank you for helping us make the most of this 

difficult time and for your very kind words today.

Thank you for yesterday - you did a great job, and at such short notice standing in for me! What's more, 

you raised a smile. I'm really grateful to you for helping give a rounded picture of my father 

you helped me achieve something very important to a journalist - balance. Between all 

three of us we reflected both the exciting and more settled eras in my father's life.

Hello Ruth. I just wanted to say a big thank you for the lovely service you gave my mom on Friday. 

Everyone who attended said it was done as if you knew her personally. Many thanks for

guiding me through the service, you were a great help.

Hello Ruth. I just wanted to say a big thank you for the lovely service you gave my mom on Friday. 

Everyone who attended said it was done as if you knew her personally. Many thanks for 

guiding me through the service, you were a great help.

On behalf of myself and the family, we would like to thank you for the beautiful service today. 

You made such a heart breaking day more bearable for us all. 

Thank you for your thoughtful dedication to Mom. Once again your skill for 

capturing the essence of someone has been amazing.

I just wanted to thank you for such a beautiful service yesterday. It was absolutely beautiful and we 

couldn’t have wished for more. In fact, we all agreed it was the best funeral we had ever been to.

I just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you for yesterday. I have attended a couple of services 

conducted by you before so I knew it would be a comforting and uplifting experience. It was certainly 

different to any funeral I have ever been to with there being only seven of us 

but it was actually a very close and personal day for us.

I just wanted to thank you so much for the beautiful service you conducted for Dad today. As a family, 

we were so happy with the way it went and you hit the perfect balance and made it a very personal 

tribute to Dad. We couldn't have wished for anything more and I particularly felt I wanted to thank 

you for making a very difficult, upsetting occasion so special and perfect. You handled X's 

stumble with kindness and made it a little easier for him to have a second try!!!

I just want to say a massive thank you for today, I honestly couldn't have wished for a better 

send off for my mum under the current circumstances. Your service was perfect and I

 hugely appreciate all your help leading up to and including today. 

Thank you so much for the beautiful send-off you gave to my lovely Mom. Since the initial family meeting 

to the perfect ceremony, you were patient, calming, compassionate and totally reassuring. Just what 

we all needed in the most unbearable situation. You spoke beautifully with our words and everyone 

said how personal and heart-felt the service was. We can’t thank you enough.

I just want to thank you for leading such a great farewell to Dad yesterday. The service was lovely, 

delivered with warmth, humour and compassion. I cannot thank you enough.

Many thanks for the wonderful service on Wednesday. Everybody said how absolutely brilliant it 

was and we did him proud. I am still receiving messages, texts and phone calls almost hourly. 

Thank you again for playing such a special part in our day.

I just need to thank you for everything. Mom’s grandchildren watched the live streaming and mom’s sons 

and daughters-in-law watched it too, along with some of mom’s nieces and nephews. It was the closest 

feeling they had of being there. Mom’s service was beautiful and we are truly grateful, thank you.

I just want to express my gratitude for the perfect ceremony you gave my grandad. The family 

and I all said how you led the service beautifully. You made us very happy.

I would just like to say a heartfelt thank you for all your help organising things. It hasn’t been 

easy with the lockdown but I thought the day went very well and Dad had the best send off we 

could have given him under the circumstances. It felt strange, but I felt confident knowing 

that you had allowed me the time to “get things right” and all would be well.

We just wanted to write a quick note to you about the funeral service you gave for mom on X. Although we were limited in number, everyone attending remarked on how professional, respectful and dignified you

 were in providing the address and eulogy for mom, so we would all like to say thank you for 

providing a lovely service and helping to give mom a good send off.

Just wanted to say thank you for yesterday. Family said it wasn't like you were just reading it was like you 

were telling a story. We didn't feel rushed and under the current circumstances it was a lovely service.

I just want to say a huge thank you right from the bottom of my heart, Dads service was everything and more we could of wished for, in a way it was lovely just being the six of us, just felt so intimate and extra special having dad to ourselves, Mom cannot thank you enough, you are truly a very special person, to think you go home at night knowing how you have made every familys last day with their loved ones so so special is just amazing. 

My family and I wou!d like to thank you for the beautiful service you delivered for the late X. We are so grateful for your support given to us at such a difficult time.

Wanted to drop you an email to thank you for today. Given the circumstances we thought it was a lovely 

service and your words captured dad really well. Thank you for adapting so well to the circumstances and 

for reading the eulogy with such thoughtfulness. The candle idea was also lovely and just perfect 

for us.Thanks again for everything and stay safe.

I would like to take the opportunity on behalf of myself and my family to thank you for the service that you provided for my Mother, Margaret's funeral yesterday. As we know circumstances within the world are quite surreal at this moment in time, however the service that you provided was excellent throughout. You covered all the key points during the Eulogy, and showed excellent empathy during the service, with special detail regarding my sister Karen.

Hi Ruth just wanted to thank you again for today the whole day was made so much more easier thanks to you .The way you spoke about mum with such compassion was such a comfort to us and we will always remember how you managed to compose such a lovely tribute from such complex information we gave u thank you once again take care

We all just wanted to say thank you for the way in which you presented the service for Mom, everyone commented as to how nice it was. It can't be easy to present a Eulogy using someone else's words, they sounded like your own.

We wanted to thank you for the service yesterday. It was exactly as we had wanted and you were brilliant. 

Of all the funerals I have attended, religious and non religious, I don't think I have seen anyone complete 

the committal with the gentleness, kindness and feeling that you did yesterday. Lots of 

people commented on the service so we are really grateful to you.

Just to say you were totally amazing. Your service and the way you conducted the ceremony was truly heartfelt, everyone has commented on this. We will most certainly be recommending you, that you can be assured of! 

You are a very warm, compassionate lady and this is something you should be very proud of, helping 

families at the most difficult time in their lives. We thank you from our hearts.

From the bottom of my heart I want to thank you for the wonderful service you presented for X. Many people commented that it was like listening to a story and they learned so much about X and felt they knew him 

better by the end of the service. It was heartfelt and moving and we can never thank you enough.

I want to express by gratitude for the kindness and support given to myself and my family 

at a most difficult time. I also want to thank you for a lovely service.

Kerry and I would like to thank you for yesterdays wonderful service, it couldn't have been better. We did get a lot of comments saying it's the best funeral that they have been to, I know it's a strange thing to say but I do get where there coming from. I think it's down to the bit of humour that was in there and the music in the middle which went down well. If our Dad was there to thank you he would have. So thanks again for helping us send him off.

Hi Ruth and thank you so much again for today. The service was just beautiful, dad would have loved it and he would have loved you too. Steve kissed your hand, that’s what dad would have done. You’re a wonderful lady 

and have been so lovely to us all. Mum can’t stop talking about you! Thank you and bless you.

Thank you so much for making my Dads funeral so lovely. We will always be grateful to you .

Everyone made lovely comments on how beautiful your speech was & that the service was lovely. 

You made it lovely very warming service.

Thank you so much for today you sent my my mom to my dad exactly the way we wanted sending peace to you too x

I would just like to say Thank you from us all for Dads ceremony. I honest don't think it could have gone any better.

Please let me apologise for not saying thank you yesterday im seemed to of got pulled away 

with all the emotion. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for yesterday for the service 

it was very heart-warming and perfect. Thank you

I'd just like to thank you for all your help and professionalism in what was a very emotional time for us. 

You did a great job and you did us, and Dad, proud. Thank you again.

Just wanted to say a huge thank you to for the beautiful service you gave Dad last Friday. The service you gave was with love and real heartfelt feeling and since then so many people have contacted us say how beautiful it was and how lovely you delivered it. Thank you so much from the three of us, it meant such a lot.

Thank you so much for today I could not have asked for anyone better than you for my moms service 

everyone said how wonderful you spoke of her and how touched they all felt, I wish you all the very best 

and thank you from the very bottom of my heart (my mom would of loved today) 

"I just wanted to say a massive thank you for yesterday. I had so many really positive comments 

about how wonderful the funeral service was. Everybody was really impressed with how you had 

captured my Dad's personality. People thought that your delivery was superb and they were 

very impressed with how you personalised the ceremony. Many thanks"

"Just wanted to say thank you so, so much for your wonderful eulogy at X's funeral. Everyone has 

said what a personal feeling it had, it made a difficult day a true celebration of her life."

"Thank you for today you really put me at ease and helped me feel I could talk to you about anything."

"X’s family were full of praise for you and would like to pass on their thanks. They were absolutely delighted 

that you were chosen to officiate the service for them and said they would have 

no problems recommending you to others, they were that pleased!"

"We just wanted to say a huge thank you for the way you have helped and guided us through two very difficult times. You have been so kind, thoughtful, patient and efficient! We quite simply couldn’t have managed without you, so thank you again VERY much."

"Thank you so much Ruth for the wonderful care you took over Dad’s funeral. You truly hit the spot. The balance was perfect and we were totally happy with everything. I will be happy to highly recommend you."

"Thank you so much for the lovely tribute you delivered yesterday at Dad's funeral, it was so lovely and personal. Everyone was commenting what a wonderful send off you and the Marines gave him, he would have loved it. It felt so special to us that he was honoured in this way."

"Can’t thank you enough….you did a perfect job, everyone said so, so many lovely comments. People thought you knew Dad!!!"

"I am amazed at your ability to connect with people at some of their darkest saddest times. You were brilliant yesterday. It was awful saying goodbye to X but your words were so comforting and allowed us to remember him with fondness. You have a true talent. Thank you for making a dreadful day bearable."

"We would like to say a great big thank you for officiating at Mom's funeral. We cannot thank you enough for your help, patience, sensitivity and compassion when writing and delivering Mom's eulogy. You made Mom's funeral a real celebration of her life. Thank you again."

"Can’t thank you enough….you did a perfect job, everyone said so, so many lovely comments. People thought you knew Dad!!!"

"Hi Ruth, Just wanted to thank you for the wonderful service you gave for Mum. You made it really personable and I believe she would have been very proud of the send-off we gave her."

"On behalf of my Mum and myself I just want to say a big thank you for the service yesterday,

It was the perfect send off and your eulogy could not have been any more fitting. I know he will be looking down smiling,"

"Just a quick message to say thank you for yesterday. Everyone commented on what a beautiful service it was and I don't think there was a dry eye in the place when the Fureys song was played. So once again thank you for such a lovely farewell for my Dad."

"I just wanted to drop you an email on behalf of me and all of my family and say thank you so much for my Nan's service. Everyone commented on how much of a lovely and beautiful service it was, and my Grandad was so pleased with how everything went. It was never going to be an easy day, but you really did make it special for us and my Nan."

"I can't thank you enough for the delivery of the Celebration of  X's life. Also your stalwart performance at the Commital in driving rain and high winds.But like you said X did like Wet Wet Wet.!! Everyone said it was a wonderful and moving service and humorous. Thankyou also for the petals. Thankyou so much."

"I would also like to thank you for a beautifully presented service on the day that meant so much to all of us. It

went beautifully and smoothly. It was exactly as we wanted and am very proud of the way you put it forward for all of us on a very sad day, and can do no more than congratulate you for the way you compiled and presented the service. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

"I didn't get chance to catch up with you after the service yesterday but wanted to send our heartfelt thanks for the way you conducted the proceedings. I'm sure you picked up from the atmosphere that people wanted the event to be a celebration of Moms life and you helped make this happen. Thanks and best wishes from us all."

“Can I just say thank you for the send off you gave to my Dad today it was lovely and felt very natural being able to smile at such a difficult time. The reaction from the people who attended regarding the service was fantastic so thanks again for making a difficult day easier to bare !!”

“Just a short message to say thank you for a lovely service today. The words that you chose, and the sentiment behind them was a fitting way to say our goodbyes to X. Everyone voiced the same opinion as I have above. Once again a big thank you for your work before and your effort today.”

“I just want to take the time to say a huge Thank you for the sensitive and caring way you conducted the memorial ceremony. The family and I were most impressed by the care you took over the preparation and the negotiations with us beforehand, and also the detailed way you scripted the whole proceedings in each case. A lot of people commented on how wonderful you were… It was a very moving ceremony and reflected much of her character and life and it was a service we will remember for the rest of our lives.

We really do thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your dignified delivery of the service. I can appreciate how much hard work goes into something like this, choosing the right phrase. You did it with great professionalism, and we will have a lasting memory of the day and if there ever was a perfect funeral ... well I think we had it! You, were most definitely the most perfect and fitting person that we could have ever had to speak about our Beautiful Mom x”

“Thank you so much for conducting Mom's service. It was a beautiful tribute. You always manage to strike just the right balance. It meant a lot to us.”

“I just want to say a heartfelt thank you to you for all your help in making yesterday’s service a perfect tribute to X. So many people told me how much they enjoyed the service and how appropriate it was for him. Everyone agreed that having his voice singing as we left the chapel was a perfect conclusion to the service. So, thank you for helping me to make that happen. It was a very personal tribute and everyone was able to recognise within the service references to the X they knew. You helped me to give him a send off that he would have enjoyed! So, wishing you well for the future and thanks for these past few weeks.”

“You did an amazing job yesterday. Everyone commented on how lovely your delivery was. You made mom’s funeral perfect and we can’t thank you enough.”

“I cannot thank you enough for today, let alone Mom's funeral service. I/we could NOT have been in safer or more caring hands!!!! Mom would know that I/we would have done our best to give her the send off she so deserved. You surpassed our wildest dreams. THANK YOU!!!!”

“I would like to thank you on behalf of the family for a good job done by you. It was a lovely service and everyone learned something new about our Mom. You carried out your duty with professionalism and ease, which is hard to find these days, and made it seem effortless. So thank you, once again.”

“First I must say thank you for a wonderful Eulogy for my late mother. All relatives and friends spoke very highly of you and were amazed with mom's life story.”

"Thank you so much for the wonderful service you conducted for dad yesterday. Nothing but praise from the people that attended, saying what a beautiful service it was. It was a first for many seeing a service performed by a celebrant and they all commented on your professionalism and his beautiful send off. Thank you again for your wonderful service."

"What a wonderful service for my Dad, Ruth, thank you so much. Nothing was too much trouble and your sensitivity and empathy was invaluable. A tough day made so much easier. Can't ever thank you enough."

"You made the funeral so personal and had obviously made a huge effort to get to know X and his family. You helped to comfort a lot of people today. Thank you."

“I am emailing you to thank you for wonderful handling of our Mum's funeral today. Many people commented on your respectful, gentle, humorous and thoughtful words and approach. Thank you for your patience and skill in incorporating all of our thoughts and memories into Mum’s Eulogy. It is a pleasure to have met you, despite the sad circumstances.”

“In the end, we both handled last Monday better than we thought we would, and this was in no small part due to your words of comfort, and sensitively delivered eulogy for the occasion. I felt our get-together really paid dividends and I was delighted my later bit of recall was incorporated into dad's life history - he fondly remembered those days and it would have been a shame to have missed that part out. Once, again, very many thanks and I hope your business goes from strength to strength.

“I would just like to extend my thanks to you for the lovely service you gave on Monday for Dad. I think it summed him up just right and I found myself smiling even between the tears that flowed. Once again thank you.”

“I just wanted to drop you a note to say a very big thank you for the service you did for X on Friday last week. Everyone has said what a really lovely tribute it was to him. It was, and to top it the sun came out as we came out of the service. Many, many thanks Ruth, very much appreciated.”

“Just a few lines to say a big thank you for making my Auntie’s funeral into such a lovely, special time. Your poignant words and caring manner made the service into something personal and celebratory. You captured my Aunt’s uniqueness and warmth wonderfully well. Most of the family hadn’t been to a Celebrant service before and were very pleased with how much more personal it was. Our thanks and warmest love to you.”

“A belated thank-you for arranging and conducting X's funeral in July. We're so grateful to you for helping us emerge from what had been a long, stressful and difficult time. We can now look back on a calm and dignified afternoon at Bushbury Hill, glad in the knowledge that due respect was paid to X, to her life, and to the contribution she made to the lives of others. Once again, many thanks.”

“Thank you very much for the service for X last Thursday. Everyone appreciated it and felt it was the best they had ever been to. Thank you for conducting things with such reverence.”

" The service today was absolutely beautiful and we couldn't have wished for more. I've already had three phone calls tonight and they have all been about you. I wouldn't have wanted anyone else to do Mom's service. You made the whole process so easy and we are all so grateful to you."

"The family and I would like to thank you for such a beautiful service. Mother's eulogy and X's tribute were perfect and well received by all. The interment dedication was also beautiful and a fitting conclusion to a sad occasion. It was a pleasure meeting you under such sad circumstances. Once again, thank you."

"On behalf of my sister and the rest of our family I just wanted to drop you a message of thanks for stepping in and conducting a beautiful service for X's funeral. Everyone remarked on how you came across and especially the point at which you placed your hand on X's coffin. Thank you once again."

“Everyone, and I mean everyone, said it was the best funeral they had ever been to. I couldn’t have wished for more it was so warm and loving. They all want you to do theirs now!”

“The tribute you paid to X was amazing and we couldn’t have asked or wished for better. Thank you for the time you spent with us at the meeting. The wonderful way you put our thoughts and memories together and for such a warm and loving welcome from you when we arrived, for the service and when we had to say goodbye to you. We will hold you in a warm place in our hearts forever. I know Mom would have loved you had she got a chance to meet you. You are an amazing lady and it was a pleasure and a privilege to meet you.”

“A small token of my appreciation for the wonderful  service you created for my lovely husband. People still say how special it was and I get comfort from reading it through again. Thank you so much for your kindness and care.”

“We just wanted to express our gratitude to you again for the lovely service that you conducted for Dad on Friday & the fantastic job you did with the eulogy. It certainly helped to make a very difficult day that much more bearable for us both. Several of our friends and family commented on what a lovely service it was, particularly the eulogy, saying that they had never heard a better one. One actually commented that, although he had never met Dad, after listening to the eulogy he felt as though he had known him. The way in which you handled everything – from the sensitive way in which you gently jogged our memories of Dad at our first meeting, through to the delivery of the service, made a day that we were dreading into a celebration rather than an ordeal. Thank you so much.”

“I just wanted to write a brief email to thank you again for the lovely service you did for my Dad's funeral this afternoon. It was a difficult day for us all, but your kind and thoughtful words, along with those from X and X, made it so much easier for us all to bear. It was exactly the kind of funeral service we wanted and exactly what Dad would have wanted himself. Thanks again for everything.”

“I just wanted to say a huge thank you for today, the service you wrote was so touching & such a wonderful tribute to X. Everyone came to me to say how wonderful you were. Once again Ruth, thank you from all the family.”

“An emotional and exhausting day made easier by your service. Thank you so much for playing all of the music and conducting such a special service - so many people commented on what a true and accurate tribute was paid to my dad. Mom and I wish to express our gratitude to you – you are in the right job!”

"Thank you so much, Ruth. I thought that the service went very well, and a lot of people said that it was the best funeral they'd ever been to. You did my sister so proud....and I will be grateful forever. With love, and great admiration for the wonderful job that you do."

"We wanted to express our gratitude for how you carried out X's service. We were touched by the way you delivered the service and can't thank you enough for how supportive you have been throughout the process. Thank you so much for the kind words you put together and the sincerity with which you handled the ceremony."

"Thank you for helping us say goodbye to X. You were outstanding. Your support and love was transparent. May I say  you are now a part of our family and we hope to meet you soon at our home for a meal. We hope you can say "yes"!"

"My brother and I recently asked Ruth to conduct our father’s funeral. Ruth arranged a home visit and we spoke at length about the type of service we wanted for him. Ruth was extremely helpful, gave us advice, guidance and support to ensure we gave our father the right send off . On the day, Ruth was professional, delivered the eulogy, in particular, with compassion - just as we had wanted. Many thanks Ruth, you helped us through a very difficult time and we will be forever thankful." 

"During conversations over coffee and cake yesterday, the overwhelming consensus amongst our family members is that you did a truly magnificent job helping us celebrate the amazing life of my Uncle. The words you had crafted were faultless and totally appropriate. The balance was perfect and greatly helped us all bid him a farewell that befitted his remarkable and influential life."

"I’m writing to say thank you so much for all your help and support over these last weeks. It wasn’t easy for you with the various opinions, but you gave a really good talk about X and it was celebratory in mood. Many thanks once more, you did a wonderful job in very difficult circumstances."

"I just wanted to thank you for speaking so beautifully about my dad, it can't have been easy with not having met either him or any of us before you had to speak about him in front of so many friends and relatives but it went really well and within the time constraints you managed perfectly to give an indication of the rich complexity that was X!"

"We would like to say a big thank you for conducting such a lovely remembrance service for X. Everyone who joined us thought it reflected his life and the way you told his story was so heartwarming. Again, many thanks"

"As a family we would all like to express our appreciation for how you handled Dad's funeral. We have received much favourable comment on the proceedings. We were very touched by your description of Dad's life and achievements, he was the cornerstone of our family, something you described wonderfully. You clearly appreciated what a wonderful gentleman he was and that came across in your dialogue. Again, as a family we would like to express our sincere thanks for all you did for us and Dad on the day, we wish you all the very best for the future."

"We would like to thank you so much for yesterday. Everyone said how well you painted a picture of mom and how fantastic you were. Again, thank you so much"

"The service was lovely and we had lots of comments on how well it went, and the fitting choice of music tracks. We would all like to thank you for your help through the loss of Mom. You have been very understanding and caring. We will definitely recommend you to our friends for any of the services you conduct."

"Thank you so much for helping us celebrate mum's life at her funeral. It was a very emotional service, your words and compassion really were spot on, you listened to what mum was like and presented her service perfectly, she would have loved it! Many Thanks again."

"Dad has asked me to e-mail you to thank you so much for the service you delivered yesterday at mom's funeral, we had so many people comment how nice it was to hear all about her life and the caring way in which you spoke of her. Once again dad and all the family cannot thank you enough for the wonderful service that you provided."

"Thank you so much for yesterday. The service did my mother proud, delivered with such warmth and feeling I thought, a comment that a number of family members also made quite independently. The organist also took time out to comment which was nice. I remember when I met you I questioned whether you would use all of the information I gave to you. I'm so glad you did and took time out to include people by name, my uncle was so pleased to hear his wife remembered through the service. Many thanks again and to your son for expertly sorting the music!"

“Dear Ruth. Sorry I didn’t get to thank you today in person. I just wanted to say thank you so much for a superb and beautifully organised and delivered service. We were a bit nervous about the service, especially holding it at the small chapel of rest and the cold weather at the graveside. But as a family, we could not have asked for better from you, Ruth. The service was very smooth, organised and delivered sincerely. Thank you for giving our sister a lovely service and a peaceful send off. Our thanks and best wishes.”

“Dear Ruth. Thank you so much for the lovely service you gave us all on Monday at XXX's funeral. Everyone said what a beautiful service it was and it gave them so much more insight into XXX's life. We loved your words about the " plane and the airport" etc very apt! When I look back on saying Goodbye to XXX I can honestly say with your help " we did him proud" and I can rest that it was the farewell to him I would have wanted. Thank you again.”

"That was the loveliest funeral service I've ever attended. I've been to quite a few celebrant funerals, but that was certainly the best."

"Dear Ruth, What a beautiful service you gave XXX on Friday. It was all I could wish for to give my lad a grand 'goodbye.' Thank you so much for the sensitive and professional way that you conducted his service. Everyone I spoke to was full of praise for your leadership of his tribute. Between us all we 'did him proud'. Thank you so much."

" I'd just like to say you did XXX and everyone proud  and for that I thank you so much. I had so many people say what

a wonderful service it was, they had never been one to like it ever before."

" You were the celebrant at my uncle's funeral today. I didn't see you to say what a lovely funeral it was. It was about XXXX and a celebration of who he was rather than a formula we so often we experience. It was so much more comforting than anything I have ever been to. Thank you."

"That was the best funeral I have ever been to! Can I book you for mine?"

"Ruth, I can't express how much we felt that XXXX was with us during the service that you conducted so well and can't thank you enough. We appreciate also that you wore a XXX flower as a respect to him. Thank you again so much."

"Thank you Ruth, and on behalf of the whole family I would like to say how wonderful you have been in helping us shape and put together this celebration of Mum’s life. You have done an excellent job of setting out the milestones in Mum’s long life." With all the arrangements and plans to sort out there is a sort of “conveyor belt of death”. You helped us step off that conveyor belt and appreciate the important stuff – Mum’s life"

"Thank you so much for the care and attention that you gave us. Everyone remarked how special the service was. YOU helped us through a difficult time and we all appreciate it very much."

"I know that I said thank you yesterday but I wanted you to know what a wonderful celebration you had created for us. I am certain my dad would have enjoyed every part of it. We all loved the quote you used at the end, it really summed up the legacy he left behind. In the eulogy you captured the very spirit of our dad and afterwards everyone was talking about bits of it that resonated with them. I know we only met once but you created a lovely connection with us so much so that we were all talking about you as if we had known you for much longer. In fact some of the people there were convinced you were a family friend. Thank you again Ruth for taking such great care with our dad’s memory."

"On behalf of myself, mom, sister ( and dad) I would like to thank you for your service yesterday. It was amazing. Everybody was taken by the words and the way you delivered them. My auntie Frances said it was the best funeral she has ever been to, she’s 92!!! She’s been to a few now I believe. My father in law’s wife said she really didn’t know my dad that well but came away feeling she had known him for ever. Just a few of the comments made after the service. We as a family loved my dad totally. Once again thank you for sending him on to wherever is next so beautifully."

"Thank you so much for yesterday. You ensured that the service ran smoothly and just as we wanted it. We all appreciate your professionalism and sensitivity to our needs at a very stressful and emotional time."

"That was the best funeral service I have ever heard"

"Thank you so much, it was just perfect and the best send-off we could have possibly hoped for."

"You did an outstanding job yesterday. Lots of people have commented how brilliant you and the service were. You did us proud, thank you so much."

"Thank you for a wonderful service. So many people commented that you must have known my wife very well and are amazed when I tell them you'd never met."

"That was the best funeral service I have ever attended. The words that you used and the way you put them across was wonderful and unlike anything I’ve experienced before."

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart for such a beautiful send off you gave mom today. It’s something I will remember forever, everything was perfect."

"Thank you so much for today. Although upsetting for us, you provided a wonderful service to think about and celebrate my dad's life."

"Thank you for such a beautiful service. You even won over my hubby. He thought it would be a little over the top but was surprised and impressed by the service."

"Thank you for making it so easy for me. The service was so meaningful, it was my Dad as if you had known him."

"We want to say a huge thank you for all your efforts going into the funeral and at the funeral itself. Everyone has remarked how wonderful you were and we couldn't have done it without you."

"Everyone has commented what a lovely service. We could not have wished for anything better."

"I am writing to thank you for yesterday, you were brilliant and the service could not have been better. Thank you for all you did."