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Well-being Range

A range of products designed to help the well-being of anyone suffering a loss

Call 07810 481493 or email [email protected] to place an order

Currently free delivery in the Wolverhampton Area

Scented Candle

A gorgeous scented candle that contains a special blend of essential oils to:

Sooth & Calm Anxiety -Lift Mood

Provide Strength & Encouragement - Aid Sleep

Calm the Nerves - Promote Emotional Stability

Each Candle is sprinkled with Semi-precious crystals 

which provide similar healing qualities

The Candle comes with three downloadable guided relaxation tracks to be used with the candle which use music and your olfactory senses to 

achieve a state of relaxation whenever you need to

Introductory Price: £10.99

The candles are 100% natural soy wax which is Vegan and chemical-free. All the materials used in the candles & packaging is recyclable

Handmade Semi-precious Jewellery

This unique set of crystals has been selected to 

channel the healing of grief

Featuring Amethyst, Pink Opal, Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz,

 Moonstone, Lepidolite, Angelite, Black Onyx

These aim to:

Promote Deep Emotional Healing - Lift the Mood

Reduce Stress & Depression - Bring About Emotional Balance

Bring Love, Peace & Hope to the Heart

Bracelet or Charm £12.99

Well-being Gift Package

The perfect gift for a bereaved friend or relative, this package includes:

Scented Candle - Guided Relaxation Tracks

A Semi-precious Bracelet OR a Charm

Pulse Point Matching Scent Roller - Box of Calming Tea Bags

Introductory Prices:

£22.99 in a Brown Recyclable Bag

£24.99 in a Gift Basket

Important Note

Please note that the use of these oils and crystals is not intended as a medical solution to problems associated with grief, they are merely complementary. 

If you have concerns about your physical health and/or state of mind, please consult a doctor as a matter of urgency.